Workforce Development

Pasifika Cultural Training Workshops

We have a series of workshops that have been designed to introduce basic but highly relevant Pasifika information, which are tailored to meet the needs of your Team and organisation. We facilitate these workshops in partnership with members of our Pasifika community. If you’d like to experience our way of cultural training

Workplace Experience

We provide workplace experience for people who want to upskill in areas such as health, social services and education. We do this by providing “real-time” opportunities for people to get involved, such as in our Cultural training workshops or our Family-centred services. We can also provide work placements for Nursing and Social Work Students. If this is what you’re looking for or you have Nursing or Social Work Students, 

Volunteer support

We support our volunteers by providing training and upskilling opportunities such as First Aid and Vulnerable Children’s Act training. In addition to this, we support our Volunteers to source employment opportunities. If you’re interested in volunteering to upskill, 

2024 is going to be a very exciting ‘moment in time’ for our Workforce Development Initiatives!

AvaNiu will be holding a series of six TAPASA workshops for schools across Tauranga Moana. These workshops will revolves around the value of ‘lived experiences’ as a means of understanding Pasifika culture and therefore our Pasifika learners.

If you are interested in participating or are wanting more information about these TAPASA workshops