Ala Mai is a Early Childhood Education support service that guides Pasifika parents as they tamaiki transition from ako tokamu’a mei ‘api into ECE centres and on to primary school.


Early Childhood Education Support Service

The purpose of Ala Mai is to support and encourage Pasifika families to be more involved in the early learning of their Tamaiki. Our aim is to increase the value placed on early childhood education and do so by supporting both our Pasifika parents and children in transitioning from learning at home, to the ECE center, and into ako.

Programs included in the Ala Mai support service:

Ako tokamu’a mei ‘api

‘Ako tokamu’a mei ‘api’ refers to early learning from home (home-based). Here we aim to provide a:

  • Personalized at home early learning experience that is rooted in the lifestyle of the child and their family.
  • Our support emphasizes the importance of engaging in early learning, especially for our Pasifika tamaiki, and recognizes the important roles our aiga have to play in this.
  • We walk alongside our children and their families to ensure that they are not missing out on their early education. 
  • we offer parents the choice of learning from home, learning in the classroom or both. 

                                                                                                                         – Palovepi 22:6         

Mama’s Morning

Mama’s morning is a program for all our Ala Mai mama’s. Here we aim to:

  • Support our mama’s in creating and using resources to support their children’s learning from home.
  • Encouraging our mamas to use daily family household tasks as educational opportunities. i.e. washing dishes, folding clothes, making the bed.
  • Providing a space for our mama’s to share, learn, and celebrate their families and their Pasifika cultures. 

Looking into 2024 there are some fun and exciting additions to Ala Mai…


Introducing the Ala Mai Playgroups!!

The Ala Mai playgroups will begin in 2024 and will run alongside our Mama’s Mornings and will provide a space for our Ala Mai children to play and learn with each other. These playgroups will run once a month and will be supervised by an experienced ECE personal.

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If you would like to be part of our Ala Mai family or want to know more information about this service, please contact us.